About us

We are a small family business that aims to supply top quality fish, products and advice. Plenty of choice with both German Stendker discus and our own Lancashire Discus bred fish, alongside a comprehensive range of food, medications, water treatments and equipment, a true one stop shop for discus lovers.

AAL Number : 1535

VET REGD 409775856

Our story

Sarah has been involved in the discus world for many years, running online forums and providing help and advice on discus keeping, discus health and breeding. She started with discus as a passionate hobbyist, keen to learn and soon started a dedicated Facebook group for hobbyists, Discus Hobbyists UK. The group is now one of most active and helpful discus groups for the UK hobby. From feedback from local members, it soon became apparent that there was a lack of choice of discus fish in the Northwest, and no specialist retail shop selling quality fish and the associated products.

A partnership was developed with a leading manufacturer of custom tanks to create a hub for fish keepers in the Northwest. With the help and guidance from Barlow's Aquatic Trading, a plan was hatched, and the shop opened in December 2017. Sarah continues to run the Facebook group, Discus Hobbyists UK, alongside one of the most respected and well known hobbyists in the UK, Ray Webber.