Here at Lancashire Discus Sales we care about the fish we sell and want to make sure they get off to a swimming start in their new homes, hence we haven't gone down the click to order route with the discus.

The stock-lists and prices for all the discus we have in stock are on the following pages. The pictures on the following pages are of the actual fish, as far as is possible we try to avoid using stock pictures, what you see is the actual fish you will get.

All of the fish can be couriered overnight across mainland UK using APC couriers and we can sort that all out for you. If you are interested in ordering fish or want to see more of a particular fish then please give us a ring on 01254 232772 for a chat, we are happy to share our water parameters and routines with you to ensure the fish are as happy as they can be when they are introduced into their new homes, where ever that maybe.