Arcadia Polyfilter

Arcadia Polyfilter


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Poly-Filter is a real asset in the fight to achieve the best water quality and sparkling clarity in your aquarium. There are many chemical products that can build up in the aquarium water over time as well as some pollutants potentially present in tap water.

Poly-Filter will remove all of these chemicals including:

Proteins and Amino Acids

Nitrite Nitrate and Ammonia

Phosphates (the principal cause of algae in the aquarium)

Toxic Metals

As the pollutants are removed the colour of the poly-filter changes when it has turned black that is an indication that it is saturated and needs to be replaced. Unlike other substances sometimes used to aid filtration once saturated poly-filter will NOT allow hazardous substances to leach back into the aquarium. Whilst removing all of the listed undesirable products Poly Filter does NOT remove desirable trace elements and will not have a softening effect on the water and so is equally useable in both marine and freshwater aquariums. Poly-filter can be used within any aquarium filter chamber as it can be cut to the size and shape required to fit.It can also be used in very small environments such as goldfish bowls or Betta aquaria by simply cutting a small piece and placing it anywhere in the water where it can be left to soak up any undesirable chemicals until it has turned black and needs to be replaced. Standard size 20cm x 10cm