WDHC Discus Minerals 300g

WDHC Discus Minerals 300g


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Combination of minerals and trace elements from purest salts. Product developed mainly needs of discus fish, but not only, also can use for all freshwater fish. Supplements all deficiencies of trace elements and inorganic substances in osmatic and soft tap water. If there are deficiencies, the fry are deformed, there are a lot of body defects, dark fish coloration but also an environment susceptible to fungal growth is created.

Enhances the readiness to breed

Prevents fungus infections of eggs and skin

Enhances the growth of young fish

Prevents enppling of gills, tail and fins

Contains only pure minerals that fish need to thrive

Easy to use, fast changes osmosis and soft water for high quality aquarium water

Note: the product loses its properties if stored in a humid place and the condition of the loose product changes into granular. 15ml in 100l of osmatic water will increase the hardness (GH) by 3 ° and the conductivity by about 150 μS / cm. Packages; 300ml is enough to prepare 3000L, a 1000ml for 9000l, a 3000ml bucket for 25000l of osmatic water.